Be Your Agent's Favorite Client

published on 27 April 2022

Did your insurance agent ever tell you to keep track of what you own in case of an emergency? Hopefully you took their advice.  How do you do it now? Keeping track of receipts in a folder or pictures of those receipts on your phone? Or do you just keep a mental note and hope for the best because "what are the odds" of something happening?  

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash
Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

That is how your insurance agent ends up with a glass of wine after that initial " this happened and my living room is the main point of damage" and you can't give an accurate amount for damaged items.  When you, the client, don't know what you own, it makes the claims process much more challenging.  And your insurance agent is there to help you!  They want your life to get back to normal and make sure you're feeling that peace of mind too.

How can you be your agent's favorite client?  Well, listen to their advice! They want you to know what you own and be organized when you make those purchases for your home.  That new crib for your first baby? Tag it! That made to measure tux that cost more than your wife's wedding dress? Tag it! You'll quickly be surprised with how much the value of your stuff will add up.  And with that, the Assets Peace of Mind will remain a priceless part of both you and your agent's life.  Visit today to start earning gold stars from your insurance agent! 

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