How 'Assets' Got its Name

updated on 18 August 2022

Before we really got started in the creation of our home inventory management tool we wanted to do the most fun part first-pick the name!  Now we didn't have to dig too deep in the stockpile of catchy names for this one since you can't find a word more simple yet wide-range for our tool like "Assets".  

Photo by Vincent Rivaud:
Photo by Vincent Rivaud:

That name took the winning spot because assets describes all of your belongings and things in your home that make it YOU-which makes it that much more valuable.  Using our product, "Assets", will allow you to keep track of your personal items in and around your home.  This helps you know what you own, what it is worth, what room it is located in, and in the case of an unforeseen event, you're just a little bit more prepared for an insurance claim.  

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