Live Your Best "Coastal Grandma" Life With These Top MUST HAVES

updated on 18 August 2022

You're not alone here.  We're all embracing the Coastal Grandma lifestyle with the comfortable and luxurious aesthetic of the classic American flare, and really living our best Diane Keaton character life.  The staples that make the coastal grandma's home so cozy and stylish are easily found and can quickly become your new favorite items in your home.  Here are some of our favorites: 

1. This romantic bed by Ballard Designs that will be the perfect canvas for all of your beautifully textured pillows and bedding.

2. Keep your freshly picked fruit that you gathered from your afternoon stroll through the garden nestled snuggly in their own space of luxury with a classic marble tiered fruit bowl.

3. Lounge on this classic tufted sofa for all the tea, wine, and book reading that your heart desires.  And it comes in dozens of colors to meet your exact "coastal grandma" style.

4. Layer your home with additional neutral textures with this stunning rug.  It is handmade and a perfect piece to add to your subtle luxury collection.  Remember, a true "coastal grandma" loves the quiet luxuries of something handmade and durable.  Nothing too flashy here!

5. We recommend essentially replacing all of your blankets with a ChappyWrap. This durable, super soft, and high-quality blanket comes in many different fun patterns so everyone in your family will be able to claim their own.  These are perfect for your solo walks on the beach or a late night campfire with your family.

6. Now your home doesn't get to have all the fun! This quintessential chambray dress will forever be a closet staple and never go out of style.  It is an easy item to throw on for a dinner party, a walk around the farmer's market, or a piece to lounge in for nights when you just want to lounge at home with around family and friends. 

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