Knowing what you own doesn't have to be a drab spreadsheet that you haven't touched in 5 years. Assets was created to bring some fun to a traditionally monotonous space.
  • Home Inventory Management

    Gain a deeper understanding of what makes your house a home.
  • Room Tagging

    Assign items to the rooms they inhabit.
  • List Sharing

    Fire? Break In? Quickly share your whole list, or just part of it, with your insurance agent.
  • Coming Soon

    Travel Peace of Mind

    Mark items you're traveling with just in case the airline loses your luggage – you'll know exactly what you're missing.
  • Owner's Manuals

    Keep a PDF of those long-lost owner's manuals handily attached to their item for quick access.
  • Price History

    Never forget how much you paid for an item, insuring proper coverage and reimbursement.
  • Coming Soon


    Spouse? Roommate? Invite another collaborator to share the management of your home inventory list with.
  • Where's that warranty at?

    By adding your warranty information, you'll have quick access in case you need to file a claim.
  • Coming Soon

    Multi-Home Management

    If you have a vacation home, or manage multiple vacation rentals, you'll be able to manage them as separate entities.
  • Multi-Platform

    Whether you prefer your phone, tablet, or computer – Assets is only a few keystrokes away.

Know What You Own

We’re still building, sign up and receive the occasional update as we get close to launch, and we’ll be reaching out for those interested in being beta participants!