List Sharing

Fire? Break In? Quickly share your whole list, or just part of it, with your insurance agent. They'll thank you for it... trust us!
Assets web share screen

Peace of mind, a tap away

When your world is upside down, the last thing you should worry about is making sure you wrote down everything you've just lost to make sure it's accounted for. Having Assets puts your list a share away from your agent, allowing you to get back to putting life back together.
  • Power of Choice: Icon of an arrow serpentining to point to a dot.
    power of choice

    In a claim worthy event, you can just share the items in your home that have been affected, saving your agent a lot of time.
  • Brownie Points: Icon of a popsicle
    brownie points

    With Assets, you'll have two new best friends - your insurance agent and claims adjuster. Why? Because you're making their job easier.
  • Open Access: Icon of a squiggly circle with a checkmark.
    open access

    With all this talk of sharing, you're probably wondering what kind of file are we exporting? Worry no more young squire, it's a simple CSV for use in Google Sheets or Excel.

Know What You Own

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