Life doesn't happen on just one device, so why should you be stuck with only one option? From mobile to tablet to your laptop – you can manage your assets wherever you are.
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On the couch. On the go.

Build and manage your Assets list wherever it makes sense for you. A relaxing afternoon spent churning through the items that make your house a home? A walk back to the car with some new Assets to add on the way? We got you either way.
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    Anywhere Share

    Claim worthy events don't pick a convenient time or place to happen. Access, update, and export your list wherever works best for you.
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    Brick by brick

    While the initial building of your list may seem daunting, you can chip away at it whenever it's convenient for you.
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    Less Stress Travel

    Coming soon – the ability to mark items you're traveling with. This means if your luggage is lost along the way, you'll know exactly what is gone.

Know What You Own

We’re still building, sign up and receive the occasional update as we get close to launch, and we’ll be reaching out for those interested in being beta participants!