Owner's Manuals

Stop going to the far reaches of the internet and keep a PDF of those long-lost owner's manuals handily attached to their item for quick access.
Assets web manuals main screen

Troubleshooting made easy

When all goes well, the manual is used for the first day of ownership... then like all the others it magically makes it's way to oblivion.
  • Right Model: Icon of laptop and mobile phone
    The right model

    Of course you forgot the 6 digit model number of the printer you bought 3 years ago. There are far more important things. But with Assets, you can have that PDF pulled up in a jiffy.
  • Stop searching: icon of a circle with a slash through it.
    Stop searching

    Most manufacturers put owners manuals on their websites now, which is how you'll snag the PDF to upload to your Asset, but instead of relying on finding that in 12+ months, snag it while it's fresh!
  • Access Anywhere: Icon of a globe
    Access Anywhere

    Just like the rest of your Assets, whether you're at home or on the road, finding any details regarding an item on your list is just a few taps away.

Know What You Own

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