Price History

Never forget how much you paid for an item, insuring proper coverage and reimbursement for claim worthy events.
Assets web mob main screen

Toss out that old accordion folder

When you add an item to Assets, you not only include the price the item is worth, but you have the opportunity to include an image or copy of the receipt.
  • Accurate Coverage: Icon of a pin on a circle
    Accurate Coverage

    Up-to-date home inventory lists help your agent make sure you have proper coverage.
  • Save Money: Icon of a wallet
    Save Money

    Proper coverage helps you save money by paying premiums indicative of your way of life.
  • Easy Claims: Icon of a form being filled out
    Easy Claims

    Any claim worthy event is bound to be stressful, why add the worry of whether you remembered the correct price of an item or not.

Know What You Own

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