Room Tagging

Homes are as unique as people, and the rooms inside tell the story of the owners. Room tagging allows you to assign items to the rooms bring to life.
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Claim worthy events don't always affect your whole home

Kitchen fire? Jewelry stolen from your closet? Share only what you need to with your agent when filing a claim – you'll save yourself plenty of additional questions.
  • Faster claims: icon of a speedometer
    Faster Claims

    When you export your home inventory list to share with your agent, you can choose just the affected room(s) – allowing you to get back to putting life back together.
  • Happier agent: icon of a smiley face
    Happier Agent

    Instead of forcing your agent to trudge through your whole list, make their job easier by sending them a segmented list of just the room(s) the claim is for.
  • (Un)organization: Icon of a bankers box

    Organization not your bag? We get it! That's why Assets makes it effortless. If you can list the rooms of your house, you can organize your belongings.

Know What You Own

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